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How You Can Use Our Platform


BI/Analytics and Reporting for Business Users

  • Self-service dashboards
  • Ease of use
  • Trustworthy metrics that matter
  • Data discovery with assisted analytics
  • Accessible information on any device
  • Ongoing support from industry domain experts

Self-Service Dashboards

Access graphic-rich dashboards in your browser and see overviews of important data. Analyze underlying data with a simple yet powerful point-and-click interface. Use our self-service technology to create your own personal dashboard pages in a few clicks.

Visualization Dashboard Gallery

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Dashboards built with Dimensional Insight’s platform are easy-to-use, intuitive, and do not require browser plugins. Whether it is a number or a graph, you can click it and see what data lies underneath. Dimensional Insight’s Measure Factory® will show you both the numbers needed for analysis and the business rules defining each number. Export dashboards to PDF or PowerPoint® and export tables to Excel® for sharing.

Trustworthy Metrics that Matter

When a metric or key performance indicator is defined, usually a lot of thought goes into its definition. This process, or business logic, is very valuable. But it’s usually hidden beneath layers of automation. Our solution does show this business logic, or make up, of every metric. It’s fully automatic. There is no setup needed. See what data and rules were used to define a certain outcome. Discuss definitions with the owner of those rules and numbers. It’s all in one interface. So, you get metrics that matter and results you can trust.


Data Discovery with Assisted Analytics

With so much data, it is often hard to pinpoint what causes a number value to be off. Our assisted analytics engine helps you find the cause by guiding you to the underlying data values that matter.

Accessible Information on Any Device

Those in job functions that need to access information all the time or when on-the-go can use our mobile technology, ‘DiveTab®’. DiveTab guides you to the data in a structured way, even when connectivity is spotty or non-existent. We sync the most important values to your device securely. You have that data everywhere — even in the back of the warehouse or on the road.

Ongoing Support from Industry Domain Experts

When you call us, you are greeted by a person, not by a computer. We think support is one of the most important factors when buying software and services. Because you will be using the platform for a long time, we better get acquainted!

Our software solutions are supported in-house by our industry domain experts. They know your business, so they deliver value from the get go. Our trainers and on-going support are provided by Dimensional insight staff from our USA-based or international offices.

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“Dimensional Insight gives us a means to automate as much work as possible. We are able to get instantaneous answers to questions about financial cost, or benefit of procedures, or payers, or doctors, or anything else.”
— Rob Wilcox, Regional Vice President of Finance

“With Dimensional Insight, you can click through and quickly see what might be right and what might be off. That allows you to make decisions and adjustments in a timelier manner.”

— Tony Maturo, Operations Controller