Distributor Advisor™

Intuitive user interface to navigate around presentations, sales data, and metrics →

DiveTab® Mobile BI

Any analytics content or format — it is all available in a single interface for use either connected or disconnected from the Internet.→

General Ledger Advisor™

Enables users to access the data necessary to manage costs, increase cash flow, optimize revenue cycle management, and improve efficiency →

Inventory Advisor™

Understand, track, and manage your inventory →

Pricing Advisor®

Manage pricing of Product portfolios, hundreds of SKUs, different distribution channels, and loads of accounts →

Program Advisor®

Manage programs across suppliers and SKUs to quickly know program status and where to take the actions to ensure program success →

Supplier Advisor™

Anywhere access to sales tools and information — in the office or on the road →

Survey Advisor™

Mobile survey tool with embedded analytics and reporting capabilities. Perfect for internal and external surveys.→