Supplier Advisor

Supplier Advisor helps suppliers manage their business for increased productivity and efficiency. With up-to-date anywhere/anytime access to information about depletions, shipments, and sales, decision-makers can improve product and account management and capitalize on growth opportunities.

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Help sales teams succeed

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Supplier Advisor helps beverage alcohol suppliers improve the productivity of sales teams while reducing the cost of selling. This all-inclusive application makes it easier for sales reps to access and conduct data analysis and review KPI sales metrics in real time, whether they are connected or disconnected from the Internet. With Supplier Advisor’s interactive dashboard, reps can securely access the latest sales metrics, financial data, and promotion performance figures while they are in the field.

With this self-service, up-to-date information, reps can improve product and account management to capitalize on growth opportunities. Plus, with Supplier Advisor sales reps can view and share merchandising and promotional collateral, price sheets, product displays, and event pictures from anywhere, anytime they need it.

Developed specifically for suppliers

We designed Supplier Advisor with your team’s needs in mind. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate around presentations, sales data, media, and metrics. By having everything they need at their fingertips, your sales team can focus on capitalizing on new opportunities and closing more sales.

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Share Information

Push out approved proposals or sales presentations to make sure your entire team has the right version of content at their fingertips. Bookmark favorite views to share.

Review Performance

Give your team the most up-to-date information when and where they need it. Users have immediate and secure access to the latest metrics at any time, from any location.


Access any Type of Content

Securely access marketing material, price sheets, presentations, and analytics from one application to help increase effectiveness of customer meetings and presentations.