Integration is key to better results

Tight integration of data and applications improves performance and provides a single source of truth

Organize. Integrate. Transform.

You have multiple databases with critical information

To analyze and visualize this data, many organizations will use separate analytics viewers for each database. However, this leads to siloed information and disjointed decision-making. It also leads to high costs associated with using multiple vendors and not being able to leverage the work done in one area with what you’re doing in another area.

Dimensional Insight solves this problem through its unique integration capabilities.

We think about integration in three ways

Data integration

We bring together disparate sources of data to provide you with a cohesive, enterprise-wide single source of truth.

With Dimensional Insight, you can integrate data from your financial, operational, sales, and other databases, and standardize that data so everyone is looking at the numbers in the same way.

Technology integration

Our Diver Platform provides a true enterprise platform that integrates data management, KPI and business rules management, visualization, and analytics capabilities.

Not only does this eliminate the need for multiple vendors, but because we have optimized our technology to work well together, you benefit from improved speed and performance.

Applications integration

We integrate several analytics applications all in one place and make it available from a centralized location.

Whereas before you might have separate financial, operational, sales, and program applications, now they are all integrated, providing unparalleled insight on the health of your business across functions.


Single source of truth

Data from multiple sources is integrated and standardized, ensuring everyone is looking at the numbers in the same way.

Lower costs

Use only one vendor instead of many and leverage the work done in one area across the enterprise.

Improved performance

Because our technology is designed to work together, you benefit from faster processing times for bigger datasets.

Enterprise decision-making

You get a holistic view of what’s going on across your organization, enabling more informed executive decisions.

Learn about our integration products

Diver Platform →

Our award-winning enterprise platform that integrates data management, KPI and business rule management, analytics, and visualization.

Workbench →

A central project repository to manage and control the back-end building blocks of your organization.

Diver Gateway →

One access point for all your analytics applications. Available on PC, laptop, tablet, and phone.

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