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Award-winning end-to-end
BI/Analytics, Data Management

and KPI Platform


Get the right information to the right person at the right time and on the right device.

We make organizational data analytics accessible and usable by analysts, business line users, and the C-suite. Everyone can get the governed information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions securely. Our platform gets important information to you and other key stakeholders quickly and in a format you can use immediately. This gives you a more complete understanding of your data so you can make better decisions to increase profitability, and increase efficiencies.

Dimensional Insight’s award-winning BI/Analytics features:

  • Quickly develop and deploy dashboards appropriate to each user’s job role and information requirements
  • Interactive dashboards that allow users to investigate data
  • No set drill paths required
  • Download dashboard metrics, charts, and data to MS Excel, PowerPoint, or Adobe PDF documents
  • Users can create dashboards with access to a complete list of measures and definitions to create stamps contained in the application.
  • Simply choose a metric and create a stamp from a stamp gallery (see below).
  • Stamps can be customized during implementation or expanded later by a trained staff member.
  • Users can set up their own dashboard, with one or several measures in just a few clicks by grouping their stamps.
  • Users can even rearrange the stamps or eliminate any stamp that they no longer need.
  • The stamps are not static. Users can click on stamps to explore underlying data.
  • Self-service dashboards allow users to create custom dashboards
  • Easily extract data to create excel and pdf reports
Powerful Data Analysis
  • No SQL queries or scripting required to explore and analyze data
  • Search, filter, sort, group, and export data from any device
  • Dozens of chart types and options help you uncover hidden trends and patterns
  • Rich set of built-in functions including string, math, statistical, and logical
Predictive Analytics
  • Reveal trends, for seasonal variations, inefficient processes and staffing.
Assisted Analytics
  • Increases the productivity of analysts and front-line decision-makers by guiding the analysis process.
  • Saves users time throughout their analysis by identifying meaningful patterns in (potentially) large data sets that hone in on areas of interest.
  • Users can access documents, presentations, marketing materials, video, and audio files on and offline
  • Users can download, email and export files
  • Users can conduct multi-level and drill-down reports with DiveTab’s interactive dashboards

Diver’s self-service stamps gallery