Increased productivity in the salesforce by using DiveTab

Quick facts

Organization: Starco Norge AS
Industry: Tires and rims wholesaler
Location: Norway
Employees: 70
Customer since: 2005
Revenue: NOK 525 million
Solution: DiveTab

Key takeaways

  • DiveTab has enabled Starco to create a common platform that integrates several elements that are important for the sales process
  • Starco has access to powerful reporting with opportunities to dive on-the-go, through DiveTab
  • Starco has increased its productivity by using DiveTab, as sellers spend less time on systems and more time on sales


In 2015, the companies Auto Grip AS and InterContact Norway AS merged into a new company called Starco Norge AS. In 2017 there was another merger with three companies in Norway: Nord Norsk Dekkimport AS (Bodø), Terje Vold AS (Trondheim) and Scan Vest Dekk AS (Ålesund). These now constitute Starco, which has become one of Norway’s largest importers and wholesalers of tires and rims.

Starco provides local retailers with tires and rims and has established a good position in the market. Their goal is to be Norway’s leading supplier of tires and rims, and they will further optimize their stock, shipping and purchasing volume. To achieve this goal, Starco is working extensively in the field and closely with its customers.

The challenge

It is important for Starco that all their employees are constantly updated on news and trends in their areas. However, their existing system required a lot of insight and navigation to get information. This was demanding for the salesforce and led to the fact that sellers did not have updated and relevant information when entering customer meetings.

The goal

Starco chose to implement its own digital platform because they wanted:

  • The salesforce to focus on sales and customer follow-up, and not spend unnecessary time on system
  • Easy access to details in customer reports
  • Effective and efficient reporting
  • Central distribution of reports and documents
  • Updated and relevant information in customer meetings


“Our salesforce must focus on sales and customer service. Digital tools must support this and contribute to an efficient process. We found our solution in DiveTab.”

Eirik Johansen

CFO, Starco Norge AS

The solution

Starco acquired DiveTab through Dimensional Insight Norway. DiveTab is a mobile solution for business intelligence and information distribution.
By using DiveTab, Starco has created a common platform that integrates several elements that are important for the sales process. They have access to document archives, including campaigns, price lists, product sheets, and instructional videos. The web shop and orders are also integrated into the platform, which makes it possible to access and place orders directly in customer meetings. Through DiveTab, the salesforce have access to a set of reports. The administration can easily distribute standard reports about customers, products, and markets. In addition, sellers can easily create their own reports in DiveTab, and these reports can be saved and shared with others if desired.

The salesforce is geographically spread across Norway and receives updated information with just one click that synchronizes information from a central server. The access to information is role-based and the access has a high degree of security.

The results

With DiveTab, Starco has quick and easy access to the information needed to track customers and trends. The salesforce has always mobile BI in real time available so they can be proactive and action oriented based on updated data. Using a single user interface, sellers now spend less time on systems and more time on sales and customer follow-up — and this has led to an increased productivity.

DiveTab uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver fast access and outstanding process performance. This has enabled Starco to gain insight into their data quickly, with powerful reporting. They can dive into details, both from standard reports distributed from the administration, as well as reports made from an effective self-service. The digital platform they now have put in place also provides a consistent user experience across devices. Everyone relies on the same truth — actual and quality-proofed data.

Starco focuses on data management, and DiveTab also contributes to quality assurance in this area.

What’s next

Based on the experience from the first phase of operation, Starco is considering expanding the scope and use of DiveTab to other areas as well. In a trading company with many departments scattered around the country and many sellers in the field, it is important to have a mobile digital platform for efficient distribution of information.

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