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Addressing 4 Core Business Intelligence Challenges on the Search for Actionable Insights

Written by Jennifer Bresnick

How Successful Are Healthcare Organizations With Clinical Analytics?

From healthcare to retail and education to manufacturing, organizations of every size and type are reexamining how to leverage data to make meaningful decisions.

The adoption of business intelligence tools is on the rise across multiple sectors, according to the 10th Anniversary Edition of Dresner Advisory Services’ Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study.

More than half of organizations participating in the 2019 study planned to increase their business intelligence budgets throughout the year, focusing on opportunities to improve operational efficiencies, drive sales, and streamline decision making.

Instead of relying on stale quarterly snapshots or keeping data analytics capabilities in the hands of the few, organizations are eager to use innovative business intelligence tools to create highly responsive, agile entities that can outperform their competitors.

Yet many of these organizations are finding the process extremely challenging. Insufficient reporting, siloed infrastructure, poor communication across the enterprise, and unresponsive vendors are all making it difficult to access answers in a timely, trustworthy, and intuitive way.

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In order to develop truly impactful data-driven decision making, business entities will need to identify their key barriers to success and address each obstacle in a holistic, methodical manner.